The Leading Science Tuition Agency in Singapore

The Leading Science Tuition Agency in Singapore


Since 2008, our tuition centres have propelled many students to Enjoy and Excel in Science in Primary 1 to 6, PSLE, Secondary 1 to 4, O Levels (Physics & Chemistry), and even Olympiads.




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NEWS - Dec 2011

Well done in 2011!

Hi Friends,

This year has been busy for me. After a few years of doing private Olympiad courses that produced a number of gold medals, we recently completed a Singapore Maths Olympiad (SMO) preparatory program for a good school in the East.

Moreover, I managed to get a good student (despite not having the expected PSLE grades) to move from a neighbourhood secondary school into Raffles’ Girl School (RGS) via academic DSA. It was a deserving achievement, because it came out of pure hard and smart work for both my student and I. I’m really proud of her and I hope she will continue to excel well in a totally different and competitive environment.

In continuation of our good work from previous years, [our tuition centre] continued to produce year after year of grade improvements, for all levels from Pri to JC. We have tutors who adapt to children’s different learning needs and we rock! Our students rock too, though some need to rock more than others! :)

If you’re willing to learn, “A” and some cases “A*” are simply waiting for us, but it’s also hard work that determines how long we will need to get there.

All in all, it’s a good year. If any new friend is interested to join our classes early in Dec, not only do I have more time to get you up to speed with your revision, we also get to invite you to our annual X’mas party. It was much fun last year. I miss my students who joined us last year, especially Jiaqi, who has moved to the US to be his dad working there. Good luck in LA, California!

Life’s great and I hope this year will be another fruitful one for all my students!


Mr Yeoh, Chief Tutor



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"I would like to thank my tutor, Mr Daniel, for helping me improve from 48% (F) to 73% (A) within 5 months."   
- Ryan, a Primary 5 Science Student
"Thank you for helping me get As in all my 3 Sciences. I not only got into Triple Science, but also got accepted into Science Mentorship Program at NUS. And thanks for helping me build my own CIP project to get more CIP points." 
- Jiawei, from a Prestigious SAP School
"Thank you, Mr Yeoh, for helping me achieve the top position at my school and helping me with my DSA application to get into RGS!" 
- E., from a Neighbourhood Secondary School
"I would like to thank my tutor, Mr Daniel, for helping me improve to A1 from failing my Math. He is very patient yet strict with me, and I am grateful for that because I have a short attention span and tend to get into "trouble" easily. 
He is easily the best tutor I ever had, because he not only helped me improve in my grades, but also helped me understand Math concepts and shorten my learning time, which would otherwise get too boring and draggy for me. Thank you Mr Daniel for everything." 
- Wayne,
from Failing to A1
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